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My name is Tanja, I'm 38 years old. I live in East-Finland with my husband, my son and my daughter.

We have got dog and five cat's too. I love my family, animals, postcards, autumn, winter and poscrossing-of course!

I also like knitting, crafting, writing letters and art-deco's.

I collect postcard and all of cow-stuff, but I also like retro-kind of stuff.
I love very much pink and red colour!

I love all kinds of postcards but specially I love
german shephards
50's-70's things (movie star, cars etc)
historic place
red house

Please NO add-cards!!!

I collect this postcard, too
* Jenny Nyström
* M-L Pitkäranta
* Carl Larsson
* Sarah Kay
* Jesus/Our Lady

I want private swap, send a message to me!
And I want pen friend too!

Helena from PORTUGAL your ID:PT-375922 is WRONG!

Regard from Japanese!!! No ID!

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