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About Anita...

Hi everyone! My name is Anita, I'm 17 years old. I still go to school, but in the summer I will act in a local university. My profession is linked to agriculture. Now I love to write poetry, short stories, I collaborate with local newspapers, writing articles and notes for them every week. I love to read books, collect postcards, magnets and postage stamps.

This is my fourth profile postcrossing.
( )I have been collecting postcards, stamps, pocket calendars and magnets for more than 5 years. In my collection of over 5,000 postcards, 800 calendars and 600 of the magnets.
If you do not know what to write on a postcard, please write your favorite quotes from the books in your language (other than English).

I collect banknotes from different countries, stamps and refrigerator magnets. I'll be glad to get your piece of the country in the envelope
I collect postcards on the theme:
- Cats, cat family,
- Tea, coffee, drinks, sweets.
- Books, letters, postcards, stamps, envelopes,
- National color,
- Bright colors,
- Anime, Naruto, Hunger Games, cherry blossoms,
- Churches, mosques, synagogues, churches, etc.
I collect pocket calendars, would be very happy if you send them.
If you are sending a postcard in an envelope, sign it please.

If you have already used the dates postcards (that is already past the post, and stamps and seals), I'll be glad to get them. In return, I'll send a postcard from Russia clean.

Anita Khripkova
1-8 North Street, Linets
Zheleznogorsky District, Kursk region

Мой адрес на русском:
Хрипковой Аните, Россия, Курская обл., Железногорский р-он., с. Линец, ул. Северная, 2-8 ИНДЕКС : 307145

***About AD Cards: I do not really like them, but if she's one of my themes and beautiful stamps, I would be happy to accept.***

П.С... Посткроссеры из Украины и Белоруссии, большая просьба, подпишите открыточку на ваших нац. языках, то есть на украинском и белорусском, а не на английском или русском. Я изучаю славянские языки и мне будет приятно прочитать их на открытке.

P.S .... Always glad to private exchanges.
P.S.2... If you sent me a card,and it had travelling over 60 days,please tell me,I will check my postbox.I will register the postcard as soon as it is received.

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